Qb Sound is a music and sound design studio. We create an original sound for any visual content. Studio works with Agencies, Production Companies, Brands and Freelance Artists on Corporate videos, Broadcast, Video games, Films and Experimental projects.
We believe that sound is a fundamental part of our life. With its help we explore the world, make great discoveries and share them. The power of sound can trigger a whole range of emotions, it can inspire and set the mood. Sounds of environment create their own world in visual content, so that the line between audience and piece fades. That’s what The Magic of Sound is all about.
The studio was formed by Anton Efimov and Artemy Petukhov.
Anton is a creative director and sound designer. He puts things in order, takes care of deadlines and communication.
Artem is all about music. He tweaks the knobs of synthesisers, plays literally any kind of guitars and makes the arranges.
Our services: Custom sound design, Bespoke music, Audiobranding, Sound Mixing
Selected Clients: Pfizer, MTV, Honda, Bose, Zotac, Yandex, Uber, Siemens, Toyota, Kaspersky Lab, Xiaomi, Bayer, TED-Ed and more
Anton Efimov
Creative director, sound designer
Artemy Petukhov
Composer, sound designer