Yandex Direct. Making of the sound

We decided to show how the sound design works in our project for Yandex.Direct; video made by Petrick.

Let’s get started with parsing below. And for those who didn’t watch the final work here it is:

Yandex.Direct from QB SOUND on Vimeo.

The sound effects consist of several parts: organic sounds, synthesised interface and some music parts.

Let’s listen to what comes out if we take away the voice-over and music tracks:

Take a look at the main scenes:

1. Night

The character softly types at night, we can hadrly hear the sound of the keyboard. Closing the laptop musically and not making a noisy slam.

2. Alarm clock and swipe

We don’t want to actually wake up the viewers with this video so we underline the alarm with not sharp tonal sound, and the swipe is assigned with a new instrument leading us to the next scene.

3. City scan

In this saturated moment we hid so many little sound pieces that we need to listen to them separated:

It wouldn’t be so good without tiny pieces like zipper, key and car horn, right?

4. Office

This is very short segment and we need an exact sound to characterize the office. We chose Macbook greeting and wall clock.

5. Airplane

Here we have placed a fasten belt signal, the voice of the steward and the sound of the turbines on the transition to the next scene.

6. Gift

We see a happy child getting a present. The airplane toy that we heard just a second ago has landed right into his hands. Here we had a bit more seconds to fill the video with the melody and a sence of joy.

Few words about the music. We had several revisions during working process. Listen to how it has been changing from draft to draft:

And now listen to final entire music track. Pay attention to layouts and timbre morphing together with the picture. We couldn’t do that with simple linear music.

Hope this brief review of our project was useful, we have more interesting materials ahead.

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