Client – MR PORTER


DIRECTED BY – Clim Studio
Executive Creative Director – Clim
Executive Producer – Jack Alexandre
Producer – Isabel Brooks
Art Director – Luca Ostacchini
Stylist – Sophie Hardcastle
Clim Studio Producer – Jack Alexandre
Concept Art & Storyboard – @tonetdura + @jollyjoules
CG Design Lead – @joemortell
CG Animation Lead – @dotokato
CG Design & Animation – @witek.markiewicz
Houdini Artist – @thodos998
Product Modeler – Mark Kostenko
Bumpers Design & Animation – Joe Mortell
Edit, Renders & Post Production – @berta.trr
Color Correction – Clim
Music, Sound Design and Mix – QB SOUND

Our team created sound design and music for MR PORTER, an online luxury fashion and retail platform. A series of social campaign for the 2023 holiday season with great 3D Motion Design from Clim Studio. The visual setting of each video is defined by its common canvas and a special signature sound.

«Ethereal» was a production’s key word to describe sound sense. We’ve chosen low tempo hybrid music to make an atmospheric luxury vibe.

• Luxury (Snow): We made special foley, wind and cloth effects, it refers to winter season. Also we did some ceramic foleys to create fragile frozen texture of art objects in the cave.
• Trend (Clouds): As it is an airy environment named «Clouds», we used woodwinds and inflating for the air effects to make it light and blowing.
• Contemporary (Space): A synthesized ambient and melody that reminds you of outer space and orbital station. A luxury and art feel was achieved by using subtle string melodies and light chord progression.