From April 16 – 21, 2024, Samsung Design showcased its new exhibition during Milan Design Week.

The exhibition featured an impressive animation by Clim Studio, for which we crafted the music and sound design.

In this exhibition, we explored the coexistence between humans and technology. The result was a mesmerizing, immersive audiovisual experience that invited audiences to delve into a digital realm centered on the creative process.


Innovative Room

This space highlights cutting-edge technological advancements and their integration into daily life, emphasizing innovation and functionality.

Sound plays a crucial role in this space, enhancing the immersive quality of the exhibit. Carefully crafted audio elements respond dynamically to our movements, creating an intricate soundscape that complements the visual experience. This synchronized interplay of sound and motion deepens our connection to the exhibit, making the experience even more engaging and memorable.



Harmonious Room

This space harmoniously blends technology and human experience, creating a sense of synergy and complementarity. Images outside the window transform into organic shapes, revealing a new world. It symbolizes the pursuit of an inclusive future where humans and technology collaborate.



Infinite Dream Room

This space represents the pinnacle of immersive experiences, blending reality with fantasy. The incredibly realistic sound, developed in a specialized surround sound studio, enhances the visual spectacle, making the experience truly captivating.


Client: Samsung + Cheil International

Creative Director – Clim
Executive Producer – Jack Alexandre

CHEIL South Korea
Creative Director – Yun Jang
Art Directors – Xiao Feng + Rosa Wang + Hee Jin
Producer – Kyum Hoi Koo

Director – Clim
Producer – Jack Alexandre
Concept Artist – Tonet Dura
CG Design – Federica Bertot + Pablo Schiavo + Jitin John + Everthon Estevan + Wendy Eduarte
CG Design & Animation – João Lucas + Witold Markiewicz + Federico Piccirillo + Marcus Bakke + SergioFuego Damonte + Steffen Knoesgaard
Editor & PostProduction – Berta Terrassa
Physical – SILO lab
Music & SFX – QB SOUND