Experience an immersion in the main character’s world and subconsciousness through the line between life and death.

People, who experienced the loss of their loved one in childhood, either quickly grow up and become stronger, or forever plunge into the abyss of despair with no way out. Some people follow their inner voice, while others drown out its call just to fit into norms accepted by society or to blend in. Some people continue to believe in themselves, take risks and devote their lives to their beloved careers, while others give up, lose hope and just exist …

Imagine a child who has lost his loved one, a teenager who is different from others and rejected by his own family, a creative and talented person that had to face misunderstanding, bullying and shame. All that is shaped in a dancer with a passionate heart and an admirable determination for perfection. We present you an immersion into the Tarik’s world and subconsciousness through the line between life and death.

Tarik is a dancer from the US. We will learn more about his journey in Ruslan Aksenov and Maxim Klenov’s new art project. Story to be told by Tariq himself is the story of death, rebirth and life after death. Will he be able to cope with the loss of his mother in a car accident, bullying in his own family and utter indifference from relatives? Will he be able to bring back the colors to his life, which was once bright and carefree? Will he be able to remain this creative child in himself, or will fear and panic take over his world leaving no glimpse for a happy future?
We will start right from the beginning. We do not promise a story of a blissful life and an overnight success, but we do know one thing for sure: his story will inspire you!

DIRECTOR – @aksenovrus
PRODUCERS – @anyalayfield @maksklenov @denis_levakov
PROD DESIGNER – @v.archangelsky
STARRING – @tarikthaboom @laranlaraan
INTERVIEWED — @captain.nevin
1 АС — @akimsolonko
EDITORS — @aksenovrus @paralysestill
SOUND – @antefimov @qbsoundstudio
COLOR – @nick.vavilov @jojo_agency_
POST PRODUCER — @denis_levakov
TITLES — @pavlinazh
SPECIAL THNX — ALEXEY KAPITANOV , EVGENIY KHARLAMOV, HLEBOZAVOD9, @sashaloco @digital_lab_commercials @sndct.tv

Sound design and Final Mix: QB SOUND